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Case study - Franklins Solicitors  


Faxing within the letter of the law  *

For solicitors, confidentiality with client communications is about more than offering a professional service - it's a legal requirement. With nearly a quarter of a million faxes being sent and received every year, Franklins Solicitors has discovered that Zetafax delivers the high levels of confidentiality they require, but crucially, also improves the efficiency of their fax communications overall.

Problem: Increasing the speed and confidentiality of communications  *

The complexity of the legal sector means effective communication between solicitors, their clients and organisations such as the police, is a crucial element in the services solicitors provide. For Franklins, who deal with complicated and often sensitive cases (covering accident and injury claims, debt collection and family and criminal law), fast, legible and confidential communications is key to success. Franklins also covers corporate law, conveyancing, employment law and will execution, which generate huge amounts of documentation requiring long term storage, a problem which is addressed by the Zetafax archiving feature.

With 130 personnel managing the flow of information between other solicitors firms, local authorities, hospitals, the police and clients, a lot of time was being wasted faxing documents manually, and staff were experiencing common problems such as paper jams, and faxes only being partially transmitted or getting lost. Additionally, because of the nature of the cases the firm deals with, it needed greater privacy and confidentiality for its communications than a fax machine could provide.

The Solution: Implementation and Integration of Zetafax  *

A planned overhaul of Franklins IT systems provided the ideal opportunity for the firm to look into alternative communications solutions which delivered the reliability and confidentiality levels required. It was also crucial that any software could also be completely integrated with Franklins existing OMS office management system developed by FWBS.

Equisys' network fax solution, Zetafax, delivers the desired efficiency improvements, and being able to fax to and from a PC was able to offer the levels of confidentiality that Franklins required. Zetafax was considered by Franklins as a first class product that delivers total reliability - and the fact it could be totally integrated both with the OMS system and Microsoft Exchange 2000 made the choice of solution simple.

Zetafax was installed as part of the overall IT implementation and Franklin's now owns 65 licences at each of its two sites, totalling 130 licences. At present 800 faxes are sent and received every day, meaning a staggering 208,800 letters, contracts, medical reports, statements, wills and affidavits a year are being delivered by Zetafax.

"We are delighted with the difference Zetafax has made," says Mike Franklin, Managing Partner, at Franklins Solicitors. We are able to spend more time on cases and less time on delivering paperwork as a result of having the system in place - and the cost savings on faxing are an additional bonus. With Zetafax Direct Inward Dial (DID) routing each department has its own dedicated fax number so faxes are delivered automatically to the desktop, ensuring confidential documents are kept from prying eyes.

Notes to Editors  *

About Equisys

Founded in 1987, Equisys is a leading provider of business communications solutions. The company has offices in the UK and the United States and has an established network of distributors and resellers in over 30 countries. The company's original flagship product, Zetafax, is the world's leading SME and departmental fax server software, enabling users to send and receive faxes directly from their PCs. Already installed in over 50,000 organisations worldwide, Zetafax has recently been awarded most 'innovative fax server' award from the Davidson Consultancy.

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