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Case study - EP Mooney  


Customer Communications at Dublin based car dealership driven by Zetafax  *

EP Mooney is Dublin's oldest Nissan dealer. Customer Care has always been at the heart of EP Mooney's philosophy and is the cornerstone on which the business has been built. It believes in looking after customers for life and in doing so generates support from customers in repeat and referral business from them. So when the company chose to update its communication systems to strengthen its customer care, it turned to Equisys and Servaplex for the solution.

The Business Need  *

In order to maintain and improve its high standard of customer service, EP Mooney provides its customer facing teams with leading edge technologies, ensuring that communications are fast, efficient and responsive. Notifying customers that their vehicle requires a service, informing clients of special offers or promotions and communicating efficiently with suppliers about availability of spare parts or deliveries are all important aspects of the customer service offering.

Dearbhla Havelin, IT Manager at EP Mooney commented: “As part of our drive to improve customer service and respond to customer enquires quickly we were looking for a reliable and robust fax server solution that would integrate seamlessly with Microsoft® Office and more importantly with our Contact Management system ACT! We wanted a system that would make faxing as quick and straightforward as printing a document or sending an email. With this in mind, the software solutions and services company, Servaplex, recommended Zetafax from Equisys.”

The Results  *

Because Zetafax is integrated seamlessly with MS Office, staff at EP Mooney can write letters to customers using Word and if appropriate they can then fax them straight from the PC with the click of a ‘send' button. Furthermore, by integrating Zetafax with their ACT! customer contact management system, they can now fax MOT and service reminders, vehicle and part quotes, purchase orders, invoices and other key information in just over a minute. Zetafax has not only made life easier, but it has reduced costs as well. EP Mooney has reduced paper consumption by 70 percent because they no longer have to print out documents in order to fax them.

Crucially, by switching from manual, paper-based communication, EP Mooney also saves time in the printing and handling of documents as well as the cost of mailing including envelopes and postage.

By integrating Zetafax with their ACT! contact management application, the company now has centralized repository of customer-related communications, which eases administration considerably. All customer communication information is stored in a central, electronic location and is easily accessible and searchable for reference at any time.

The Conclusion  *

Dearbhla Havelin, IT manager at EP Mooney stated “Using Zetafax we send out on average of 80 faxes on a daily basis. Thanks to Zetafax we can now track which documents were sent to customers and when they were sent. This way we know what information customers are looking for and what they've received so far”.

Dearbhla concluded “Implementing Zetafax we have experienced significant time and cost savings, reduction in the time and expense needed to deliver mission-critical documents as well as a seamless integration with ACT! and Microsoft Office. Staff can now spend more time doing what they need to be do – helping our customers – instead of on clerical work, and because the system is so dependable and scalable, it's a solution that will continue to serve our business communication needs”

Notes to Editors  *

About Equisys

Founded in 1987, Equisys is a leading provider of business communications solutions. The company has offices in the UK and the United States and has an established network of distributors and resellers in over 30 countries. The company's original flagship product, Zetafax, is the world's leading SME and departmental fax server software, enabling users to send and receive faxes directly from their PCs. Already installed in over 50,000 organisations worldwide, Zetafax has recently been awarded most 'innovative fax server' award from the Davidson Consultancy.

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